Nearshore Capabilities

Nearshore Supported Project Resourcing Model

A Nearshore delivery strategy enables a flexible/scalable resourcing model to get the right resources, in the right location, at the right time to deliver effective solutions for SAP, Salesforce, and Mobile Development

Benefits of a Nearshore Delivery Model

On-site Leadership and Solution Engineering

On-site Senior Project Managers and industry knowledgeable domain experts ensure that business solutions are effectively deployed to support business operations utilizing the appropriate adoption of SAP Best Practices without forcing you to compromise on capabilities required to support your competitive differentiators

Total Cost of Engagement

Due to the efficiency gains that working in close proximity to the US and in the same time zones, we are able to substanstially increasing the amount of the work that can be delivery from low cost locations, while reducing the non-value add measures required to manage/administer work across time zones between the US and India

Leverage Proximity and Time Zones

Geographic proximity and similar time-zones allowed companies to have increased face-to-face interaction, allowing more complex types of projects to be done nearshore. This filled a gap left by distant, offshore locations such as India.

Cultural Affinity and Ease of Doing Business

Nearshore locations have closer cultural affinity to US markets than offshore locations. Mexicans for example are very familiar with U.S. lifestyles, customs and styles of communication thereby reducing risks associated with communication issues.

In Addition, because of NAFTA, via issues are virtually non-existent as Mexicans can obtain TN visas (renewable 1 year team) easily and travel to the U.S. a a fraction of the cost of resources from India

Productivity Gains

By combining the a mix of on-site and remote resources, a mature quality model, digitized processes and domain expertise enables us to do more with less while reducing costs, minimizing defects and delivering results faster